Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WWE No Mercy (05.10.2008)

In typical WWE fashion, this was like most of the cards I watch with no anticipation or excitement going into it - surprisingly good. If I think a card looks bad on paper, it tends to be good (perhaps from lowered expectations) and No Mercy was another such pay-per-view.

Really, the Jericho-Michaels Ladder Match was absolutely stellar, and the HHH-Hardy match was the first HHH match since the Last Man Standing match with Randy Orton one year ago that I actually enjoyed (or indeed, was able to tolerate - I'm completely sick of Hunter if you couldn't guess). Ultimately, the right man went over (though the marks again whinged about how it was the 'right' time to give Jeff the belt. Hint - it wasn't, you just got manipulated by a great finish and can't see that).

The finish to Undertaker-Big Show I really liked as well as it was so out-of-the-box and gives Show a whole new dimension, much like Undertaker had with the triangle choke (I remember a lot of people at the time including Bryan Alvarez claiming that choke was a gogoplata but if MMA is real and wrestling isn't then how could it be the same thing?)

The rest of the card was as expected though unlike some, I really liked the MVP/Randy Orton/Simply Priceless/CM Punk/Kofi Kingston angle (even if it was straight out of an episode of Raw) and I wasn't paying $40 for the privelage so, ya know.


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